Residential complex Kavčí Hory

Rezidenční komplex Kavčí Hory

The area for residential complex is situated on the boarder of the Pankrác plain, on a place with unique views of the city, close to Central Park and to the office complex Czech Television. The task was to complete the panorama of the Pankrác plain and suggest 3 to 4 separate residential blocks with the possibility of closing of area at night hours. On the ground floor from Pujmanové street was required to design space for the trade and services.

Basic scheme in the shape of a classic city block includes a 6-storey base volume with smaller apartments oriented to the inside garden. The ground floor apartments are provided the private with water features and gardens raised above ground level. "Hilly landscape" inside the block provides views through dismembered structure of brick "basement". In the garden is located a cafe. On the "basement" are placed 11 towers with from 5 to 8 floors where are designed bigger apartments and duplex apartments with large terraces with overlooks the city center.

Parking is placed in a common garage basement floor slightly elevated compared to level of the Central Park, on the line of Pujmanové street are designed shops and restaurants.

Part of the proposal is the reconstruction and revitalization of public spaces adjoining the Central Park.

Prague, Czech Republic

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Project architect

Ing. arch. Antonín Holubec


Dipl. arch. Vincent Marani, AIA
Ing. Petr Kužela
Ing. arch. Tereza Nalezená
Ing. arch. Hana Lukešová
Ing. arch. Jaroslava Huong Nguyen
Ing. arch. Martina Zachariášová
B. arch. Peter Bednár

Total area

3.0 ha

Total floorage

63.000 m2 + retail 1.400 m2


2013 architectonic study


Central Group a.s.
Rezidenční komplex Kavčí HoryRezidenční komplex Kavčí HoryRezidenční komplex Kavčí HoryRezidenční komplex Kavčí HoryRezidenční komplex Kavčí Hory