IRIDE administrative complex

Administrativní soubor IRIDE

The task of the competition was to suggest a masterplan of area with the living and working environment of high quality. The administrative complex with a park which adjoined the Boulevard Dimitrie Popescu, is within walking distance of the metro and tram station. The buildings are designed as variable height (to 15 floors) towers whose are used like accents of the complex design and where are concentrated an office space. The functional solutions for transport service of complex doesn't interfere walking and parks properties of the ground floor. The unified elegant and simple look of the buildings is characterized by a high part of dismembered facade, and it makes the buildings visually smaller. All the buildings are based above the ground, this decision reduces the overall cost of building. The flexible design office space allows to create rental units from 150 to 3,200 m2. Construction and clean heights of offices and apartments provide flexible way of installation of MEP systems. The design solution of complex, concept and building materials, comply with the principles of sustainability and allow to certify the buildings as "green buildings". The flexible solution of design and placement of individual buildings allow flexibility to respond to demand and market trends. The proposed mix of functions in the complex determines the colorful and lively environment to live and work.

Bucharest, Rumania

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler


Ing. arch. Antonín Holubec
Ing. Jan Krátký
Ing. arch. Tereza Nalezená
Ing. arch. Jaroslava Huong Nguyen

Total area

12.8 ha

Total floorage

565.000 m2


2013 competition study


Real Habitation s.r.l., Immofinanz Group
Administrativní soubor IRIDEAdministrativní soubor IRIDEAdministrativní soubor IRIDEAdministrativní soubor IRIDE