Competition design for the revitalization of the former industrial zone "Chalupkova" near the centre of Bratislava.

The aim of the international architectural competition was to create a multifunctional district with a predominantly residential function with a total capacity of 133,400 m2 as defined by the regulatory plan, which, among other things, defined the location of high-rise landmarks.

Our solution refers to the traditional urban structure reaching the street line with a clear definition of public spaces. The individual houses are complemented by a lively ground floor with a function of shops and offices not only on the outer perimeter but also inside the block.

The material design of the new urban block sets the basic height of the principal cornice at the level of the 8th above-ground floor, supplemented by set-back floors and at exposed corners by height landmarks. A square with a circular water feature, which would become the living heart of the new district, is placed in the natural centre of the area.

The design is divided into individual houses that have a distinct architectural expression. This creates a desirable architectural diversity that also allows for flexible phasing of the project.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. Tomáš Bíma

Project architect

Mgr.A. Jan Hofman
Mg.A. Ondřej Hrozinka


B. arch. Peter Bednar
Ing. arch. Ján Ferenčík
Ing. arch. Vojtěch Klapač
Ing. arch. Hana Lukešová
Ing. arch. Antonín Štička
Ing. arch. Jiří Zakopal

Total area

27.785 m2

Total floorage

GFA above ground floors _ 170.098 m2
GFA underground floors _ 70.705 m2


2024 competition design, 3rd place in international competition


Penta Real Estate, s.r.o.