Churchill I.

Churchill I.

The building is situated along Italská street near to W. Churchill square. It partly helps with closing space of the square.

 Administrative building Churchill I is in plan designed as open shape. It makes public spaces with landscape architecture that helps to solve very sloping terrain around the building. It also makes relatively calm areas for relax. The building is designed in height and plan so as not to create too large mass. its solution continues in concept of already existing buildings in the neighbourhood. The facade of the building dynamically alternates its rhythm and, with playful compositional elements, it somewhere makes lighten or accentuates the façade. The simplicity and temperance of the façade detail is balanced by the unusual and generous conception of the façade and the mass as a whole. The sharply cut lines of the house are contrasted with smooth curves in the parterre. They alternately penetrate into the mass of the house and come out of it again and form a kind of bays that separate traffic on the street Italská from calmer areas. In the ground floor there is a canteen, restaurant and café. Between Churchill I and the adjoining Churchill II there is a small square with greenery, fountain and a beautiful view of the Prague.

Architect untill Planning permission: Aukett s.r.o. (Ján Kostrian, Petr Levý, Jana Lehotská, Tomáš Vorel)


Prague, Czech Republic

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. arch. David Poláček
Ing. Pavel Prchal

Project architect

Ing. arch. Jan Fiedler


Ing. arch. Ilia Charushin
Ing. Filip Šmolík
Ing. Marian Kolbasky
Ing. Martin Vítek
Ing. Klára Poskočilová
Ing. arch. Radomír Paulus
Ing. arch. Ondřej Pechar
Ing. arch. Dai Cuong Phan
Ing. arch. Martin Zemánek
MSC. Anna Salingerová

Total area

10 275 m2

Total floorage

33 100 m2


2019 finished


Penta Real Estate

Photographer of project

Filip Šlapal
Churchill I.Churchill I.Churchill I.Churchill I.Churchill I.Churchill I.Churchill I.