Digital Park

Digital Park

The new multi-storey office complex is located near the banks of the Danube, Einstein street - in a dynamic part of the center of Bratislava. To the already completed complex "Digital Park II», a project extension in the form of two "fingers" has been realized. The project was awarded a prize of Dusan Jurkovic (2009).

Bratislava, Slovakia

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. Tomáš Bíma

Project architect

Mg.A. Ondřej Hrozinka


Dipl. arch. Vincent Marani, AIA
Ing. Petr Kužela
Ing. arch. Ján Ferenčík
Ing. Andrea Honejsková
Ing. Marian Kolbaský
Ing. Jan Kolář
Ing. arch. Zuzana Luptáková
Ing. Martin Vítek
Ing. Jan Zajíček

Total floorage

DP II & DP III 115.000 m2


DP II completed in 2009, DP III completed in 2012


Penta, Syner
Digital ParkDigital ParkDigital ParkDigital ParkDigital ParkDigital Park