Residential complex U Sluncové

Rezidenční soubor U Sluncové

Plot is located within reach of the wider city center, on the edge of the urbanized Karlín area, at the intersection of block and soliter urbanism. Position at the foot of the northern slope provides an exclusive view of the green wall of the northern slope of Vítkov hill.

The buildings are arranged in the chessboard and they create on both sides of the street semi-closed courtyards, which divide the space on public - street, half-public - courtyards and private - front gardens, loggias of apartments, their own flats, roof gardens. Solitary buildings connected by an elevated parking base hold the street line. The street is conceived in a mode of residential zone with one-way traffic and a tree-line located on the north side.

Individual objects are oriented east-west towards the inner green courtyards. On the northern edge of the area, there are three six-storey residential buildings and four three-storey residential buildings are situated on the southern edge. The garage base is embedded under the half-floor terrain on the north side and below the level of the terrain on the south, which improves the better lighting conditions of the apartments on the first residential floor, while the apartments closer to the slope are still below the train escalade level.

The main residential function is supplemented by flexible spaces located in the parking grounds at the edge of the street line, a part of the building is also a single-storey community object.

The modest architecture of Karlin's industrial history uses the timeless material that naturally ages the facade masonry. Each apartment has a large glazed loggia, which also serves as an acoustic pre-wall which becomes an "outdoor room". The principles of division of territory into public-semi-private are highlighted by the use of small architecture. The walls and entrance pre-floors define the street line, the terraces that are height-separating the individual levels of the semi-private gardens and the front gardens of the apartments.


Praha, Česká republika

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler


Ing. arch. Antonín Holubec
Ing. arch. Tomáš Kučera
Ing. Kamil Plavec
Ing. Vladimír Vacek

Total area

Total floorage

15 600 m2


2017 competition study


CTR Group a.s.
Rezidenční soubor U SluncovéRezidenční soubor U SluncovéRezidenční soubor U SluncovéRezidenční soubor U SluncovéRezidenční soubor U Sluncové