Avia Letňany development area

Rozvojové území Avia Letňany

The aim of the study is to examine the limits and develop a proposal for the revitalization of the former Avia production site in Letňany with a total area exceeding 66 hectares, which is an important transformation area of the city.

The concept of the proposal responds to the complex situation in the area resulting from the area, its detachment from the environment, the conditions of the valid zoning plan, ongoing changes in the zoning plan, property relations and the complicated traffic situation in the area.

The predominant housing function of the proposed development is complemented by services, shops, administration and public facilities (kindergartens, primary schools) in order to create a city district that supports creating jobs. The city character of the urban structure is then achieved by a semi-enclosed block of flats with a clear hierarchy of public, semi-public and private spaces. The design enables the preservation of selected industrial buildings, incorporates selected parts of the existing grown greenery and defines no build (park) greenery zones, which by their arrangement significantly increase the permeability of the area for pedestrians and cyclists.

The basic element of the urban composition is the pedestrian boulevard, which meanders its way through the whole area and in three directions connects the most important destinations in the area and its surroundings (Letňany housing development, Čakovice railway station and Čakovice shopping centre at Kostelecká street). The boulevard is followed by a condensed outline of public spaces, which already define individual segments and blocks of a large area and form a complete street outline of the future city and its links to other partial and important spaces in the area (existing residential development along Tupolevova Street, planned development in adjacent development areas, development of the Letňany Garden, connections via the railway track to Čakovice, etc.).


Praha, Česká republika

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. Aleš Raimr


Ing. arch. Boris Vološin
Ing. arch. Jan Fiedler
Mgr. A. Jan Hofman
Mgr. A. Ondřej Hrozinka
B. arch. Peter Bednár
M. Arch. Lucie Senešiová
MgA. Pavel Hrubý
Ing. Roman Šubrt
Ing. arch. Ján Ferenčík
Ing. arch. Tereza Nalezená
Ing. Kamil Plavec
Ing. arch. Ondrej Zajac
Ing. arch. Petra Huňková
Ing. Zdeňka Chvátalová

Total area

661,100 m2


2020 background study for change of the zoning plan


Odien Real Estate a.s.
Rozvojové území Avia LetňanyRozvojové území Avia LetňanyRozvojové území Avia Letňany