Ruzyně development area – Nová Ruzyně

The aim of the background study is to examine the limits of the area and to prepare a plan for the restoration of the brownfield – the existing set of mainly logistics premises with an emphasis on the high-quality and conceptual development of the area and the establishment of clear principles for the development of the area. The city planning study examines the solution of the problems in the area through design, in this case in particular a clear spatial arrangement of the future urban development with a hierarchy of public and semi-public space, passability of the area and conditions for the creation of a new neighbourhood.

The crucial intention of the plan is to create a successful urban district with a predominantly residential function, with the potential to create a local urban centre. Therefore, the emphasis is put on placing a suitable mix of commercial activity functions, public amenities (kindergartens, primary schools, area for culture and healthcare, etc.) or the creation of jobs in the area. Since the area being designed is strongly determined by the adjacent railway line and the closed complex of the Army of the Czech Republic, the study also focuses on increasing the interconnection with the surrounding area.

Last but not least, the output of the study includes a set of regulatory conditions including, for example, the definition of public space, the width of street profiles, the area of the park and square, the location of greenery and tree alleys, the maximum height level of buildings, the location of public amenities, etc.

Prague, Czech Republic

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. Aleš Raimr


M. Arch. Lucie Senešiová
MgA. Pavel Hrubý
Ing. Zdeňka Chvátalová
Ing. arch. Lukáš Vacovský

Total area

565,650 m2

Total floorage

Gross floor area of the above-ground floors _ 449,986 m2


2018 background study for change of the zoning plan


Městská část Praha 6
Rozvojové území Ruzyně – Nová RuzyněRozvojové území Ruzyně – Nová RuzyněRozvojové území Ruzyně – Nová RuzyněRozvojové území Ruzyně – Nová RuzyněRozvojové území Ruzyně – Nová RuzyněRozvojové území Ruzyně – Nová Ruzyně