ECE European City Estates Headquarters

The main task was to create a comfortable office for work but also for representative meetings and social events for investors engaged in the management of real estate.

The building was built in 1995 after the demolition of the original building in the old housing. During twenty years of use and ongoing intervention, the equipment of last floors lost its context with its surroundings, stunning views and a terrace. The reconstruction consists as well in the replacement of façade, technology of the space and terrace refurbishment. Planting in pots and in the attic space in the center of Prague suddenly transformed into a pleasant place sheltered from the bustle of the Národní třída street, where immediately with the spring coming begin to fly bees and butterflies.

The actual interior was made in darker greyish tones. Oak wood with a special coating is reflected on the window frame, as well as on the furniture, doors, trim and accessories. Great emphasis was put on the lights. In collaboration with leading lighting manufacturers we have managed to assemble a lighting scheme for all the opportunities that so every detail of the interior is nicely highlighted, and last but not least is the most convenient place to work because of lighting in offices which is commonly often forgotten. The specialty is the last floor and the roof itself, its shape is not easily classifiable in terms of style. It acts a bit like a little chapel and a sports hall. After prolonged reflection as a ceiling rather than suppress emphasize was approached by the illustrator Vladimir Strejček who taken up the ceiling as a space for the painting motifs from Czech myths and legends in a modern style. In combination with the illumination thus become a kind of ceiling sky.

The interior contains a lot of unique features and facilities tailored to the client needs. This is the case for the majority of the furniture except one of the couches, or 4 m long radiator in polished steel doors and the line of pots on the terrace.

Prague, Czech Republic

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Project architect

MgA. Adéla Vodrážková Prchlíková


Ing. arch. Tereza Ciglerová
Ing. Eva Neumannová

Total floorage

165 m2


2015 completed


ECE European City Estates
Sídlo společnosti ECE European City EstatesSídlo společnosti ECE European City EstatesSídlo společnosti ECE European City EstatesSídlo společnosti ECE European City Estates