Thaya winery

Vinařství Thaya

The newly built experiential winery in Havraníky is divided into three basic areas. The heart of the winery is the existing building of the granary, which becomes the central piece of the entire wine complex. The granary is surrounded by individual winery buildings and you can feel that the inspiration was drawn from the Moravian villages in the neighbourhood. The granary is bordered by a production hall with tasting cellars from one side and on the other side by a technological hall with apartments and accommodation. In the second direction, the granary optically separates the technological and recreational yard, which continues the ancient tradition of Franconian courts, in which wine was processed in the Middle Ages.

The roof of the production and technological hall, which hovers over an artificial hill, is made of wooden trusses and a traditional ceramic shingles. Under it, a number of activities take place. It not only covers the house itself and protects the products of the vineyards from the sun, but it also covers the areas intended for storage of the harvest, areas where people can relax and where the wine technology can be temporarily stored. The roof, which is in a shape of the local South Moravian hills, is seamlessly connected to an artificial hill above the tasting cellars on one side and above the apartments on the other. The height of the individual operation parts is based on the needs of technologies for wine production.

From the material point of view, the tasting cellars are vaulted with a classic solid brick, characteristic of traditional cellars. The production and technological hall consists of a skeleton made of exposed concrete. Solid fired bricks are used to fill the skeleton, referring to traditional materials associated with wine production. The style of the central building of the reconstructed granary is slightly different and is provided with a classic lime-cement plaster.

Havraníky, Czech Republic

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. Jan Zajíček

Project architect

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler


Ing. arch. Tereza Ciglerová
Ing. Tomáš Bíma
Ing. Kamil Plavec
Ing. arch. Petr Šusta
Ing. arch. Jan Šebek
Ing. arch. Sujana Villafane Bohac
Arch. Andrea Perozo
Anna Salingerová Msc.
Ing. Eva Neumannová
MgA. Kateřina Pazourková

Total area

41,100 m2

Total floorage

GFA above ground floors _ 6,203 m2
GFA underground floors _ 45 m2
Total floor area (NRA) of the upper floors _ 5,720 m2
Total floor area (NRA) of underground floors _ 33 m2


2021 under construction


soukromý investor / private investor
Vinařství Thaya Vinařství Thaya Vinařství Thaya Vinařství Thaya