West Point Ruzyně

West Point Ruzyně

The project fulfils the vision of transforming a complex with hall buildings into a new urban structure in the form of predominantly residential semi-closed blocks with a clearly defined hierarchy of public, semi-public / semi-private and private space. Appropriately situated services and shops on the ground floor of the buildings and pre-school and school education facilities can then give rise to a separate local centre with the attributes of a high quality sustainable urbanism of a vibrant urban district.

The design of the architecture of the city blocks corresponds not only to the diverse horizontal trace of the blocks, the requirements of the specific investor’s programme, but it is also based on the requirements for the zoning of the city blocks, the height arrangement of the area, the requirements for the location of an active ground floor, four kindergartens, a separate primary school area, or the conditions of regulation resulting from the background study for change of the zoning plan.

The public areas are linked to each other via movable vanishing points, the individual spaces are gradually opened up according to the conditions of the regulations. The basic concept of the placement of mass follows the idea of placing buildings with the highest number of storeys and possibly corner dominant features towards the central communication axis of the area and, on the contrary, to place buildings with the minimum height next to the existing buildings. The appearance of the individual residential buildings will be developed on the basis of the outputs of the announced workshop.

Last but not least, the proposed transformation of the area significantly increases the passability of the area and allows easy access to the Divoká Šárka area and Obora Hvězda. The project is also fully coordinated with the project of the planned modernization of the railway line Praha – Kladno and the relocation of the railway station Liboc.

Praha, Česká republika

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Main project engineer

Ing. Aleš Raimr


M. Arch. Lucie Senešiová
MgA. Pavel Hrubý
Ing. Roman Šubrt
Mgr. A. Ondřej Hrozinka
Ing. arch. Jan Fiedler
Ing. Ondřej Hec
Ing. arch. Petra Huňková
Mgr. ing. arch. Martyna Ewa Suderová

Total area

163,983 m2

Total floorage

Gross floor area of the above-ground floors _ 229,287 m2 (including the primary school)
Gross floor area of the underground floors _ 152,871 m2


2021 city planning study


Central Group a.s.
West Point RuzyněWest Point RuzyněWest Point RuzyněWest Point RuzyněWest Point RuzyněWest Point Ruzyně