Jeremiasova Office Park

Office Park Jeremiášova

The site is located in Prague – Stodulky, near Prague highway circle. The proposed office complex consists of a 5–storey solitary houses. The complex is based on a user friendly environment created – in addition to office space it includes dining, coffee shops, places for relaxation, fitness, residential terraces and extensive landscape and garden design.

Prague, Czech Republic

Architect in Charge

doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Cigler

Project architect

Mgr.A. Jan Hofman


Dipl. arch. Vincent Marani, AIA
Ing. Petr Kužela
Mgr.A. Ondřej Hrozinka
Ing. Martin Junek
Ing. arch. Petra Čížková
Ing. arch. Pavel Neuberg

Total area

6,83 ha

Total floorage

63.300 m2


2012 architectonic study


A.C.E. Media Ventures Inc.
Office Park JeremiášovaOffice Park JeremiášovaOffice Park JeremiášovaOffice Park Jeremiášova